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Jinghope Holdings Pte. Ltd. Singapore (“Jinghope”) is a comprehensive group company with core business of real estate development, hotel development and industrial investment. Founded in China in 1980s, Jinghope has laid its base in Shanghai and seized the opportunity of China’s economy reform and opening-up to progress vigorously and innovate effectively. Until now, the company has invested in more than 10 companies scattered in Shanghai, Suzhou, Wuhan, Hunan, Sanya and other places. We have invested in and developed a selection of spectacular real estate projects including BinJiangGarden (Shanghai), He Bin Garden (Shanghai), He Bin Town and other premium apartments in Shanghai.

Jinghope boasts a wide range of businesses, from premium housing, villas, starred hotels, resorts, serviced apartments to commercial complex, as well as supporting high-end property management companies and furniture factories. Other projects built and/or under construction include LakeshoreGarden (Suzhou), MarinaCoveGarden (Suzhou), Intercontinental Suzhou, JinghopePlaza, villas and serviced apartments in Suzhou city, JinghopeGarden (Wuhan), GoldenBridgeGarden (Wuhan), Xiang River Bend (Hunan), Resort Hotel (Sanya) and so on over the past five years. Jinghope will avail the opportunity of Chinese urbanization and utilize the advantages and features of Jinghope to the greatest extent to emerge as one of the most influential real estate companies in the industry.


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